The court's expert serves as an adviser to the court. He provides the court with technical and/or scientific information and analysis thus enabling it to understand the evidence presented and to rule on the disputed points.

Sample case (Geneva court)

Dispute (13 MCHF) between the Owner and the general contractor commissioned for the construction of a protected warehouse.

The Owner was suing the contractor on two counts 1) for defective finishing works and 2) for the late completion of the works. He seeking compensation for the putting right of finishing defects and the lost profits due to delays.

The contractor claims that the delays were due to delayed decisions by the owner, contradictory instructions and change orders.

The expert's mandate consisted of:
  • Site inspection and defect assessment
  • Estimation of the cost of putting right the said defects
  • Analyzing the consequences of the Owner's delays on the planning and the incurred costs.
  • Assessing the consequences of the change orders as regarding scheduling and costs
  • Critical analysis of the opposing expert reports and of the various counterclaims